PRIMA range of products is the result of a long and deep research made in METALTECH InnovAction laboratories. This range of products specific for investment casting, thanks to the complex composition made of numerous different special elements, ensures an extreme level of deoxidation, an extreme surface quality, an enhanced fluidity and a long lasting of this features also after many reuses of casting scraps, making it the most advanced solution for castings with and without stones in place.PRIMA products have the capability to reduce the weight loss after investment casting, as well as keeping the original alloy color also after pickling, avoiding, so, problems of presence of different shades of colors in the same piece, in eventual presence of areas where the polishing results difficult like concave surfaces or stones pavè.


STAR range of products have been developed to be universally used in all the kind of production processes. In mechanical working, the internal structure of the alloys obtained with STAR products make them very resistant to cracking during deformations also after many cycles of scraps reuse. Moreover, a high quality surface is ensured also after significant bending or deep drawing. The alloy results very resistant also to strong deformations and it allows to make high thickness reduction percentages, making the production cycles more fast and efficient. In investment casting, STAR master alloys ensure the highest surface quality and a strong resistance to crackings after casting or during bending after casting.


SPARK range of products are specifically studied for the production of objects obtained by investment casting. SPARK master alloys are indicated in the realization of castings with and without stones in place. The main feature of these products is the high resistance to oxidation and the maintenance of if also during the reuse of the scraps. Through deep specific researches in METALTECH InnovAction laboratories, the composition of SPARK products have been developed to give the highest surface quality, ensuring a substantial smoothness after casting and a consequent easiness of polishing, decreasing the working time spent for it.


PLAST range of products are specifically studied for the production of objects obtained by mechanical working. PLAST master alloys are indicated to be used in the realization of hand and machine made hollow and solid chains, deep drawn items and tube. Special minor elements and special quantities of base elements have been calibrated to obtain the highest performances in terms of quality, constancy of results and ease of use in every specific kind of production of the mechanical working processes. One of the main features of this range of products is the high deformation capability, which makes the production cycles more fast and efficient, obtaining a high surface quality also after accentuated bending or after any kind of deformation.


JOINEX range of products have been developed for the production of soldering alloys. All JOINEX master alloys are absolutely cadmium-free. The composition of these products ensure a low, medium or high melting point according with user’s need, maintaining the color standard of the pieces which have to be soldered. JOINEX products, due to the high percentage of noble elements in the composition, make the soldered point very resistant to corrosion and, so, avoid the problem of detachment of the soldered pieces during the time.


hPt range of products is specifically studied for the production of platinum jewellery. hPt can be used in investment casting and plastic deformation as well. The main feature of this master alloy is the hardening capacity. The elements in the composition, moreover, decrease the melting range of the platinum alloy, making low temperature castings possible, having so a better surface quality and a lower consumables deterioration. Also in mechanical working, hPt products’ low melting range allows to use lower casting and annealing temperatures, making its use easier and more stable.