Metaltech Innovaction Lab

InnovAction Lab

In the InnovAction Lab, research never stops”

The InnovAction Lab is our R&D department, the source of advanced METALTECH products. In the InnovAction Lab, research never stops; every day new studies and tests are carried out to offer the ultimate innovations and solutions in the jewelry metallurgical field, which are the engines of our worldwide success and renown.

Our engineering staff is involved in many different research projects; some projects are specifically requested by our sales department, which is in constant contact with market requirements, while some are expressively commissioned by our customers.

The InnovAction Lab doesn’t carry out only metallurgical and chemical research, but it has also a key role in METALTECH technical support service. In fact, our analytical machines are also an active resource to study each case submitted by customers, who consider us a prompt and authoritative source of information to solve any kind of technical problems, as well as a fast and reliable partner for joint research projects.